JAN 21st

Battle of the Television Mixer

The Kill Floor

FEB 25th

Slaughterhouse vs Project Mayhem

155 Slaughterhouse - 199 Project Mayhem

MAR 11th

Bone Saw Bruisers vs High City Derby Divas

239 Bruisers - 105 HCDD


Hometown Throwdown @ FOCO Psycho Sirens vs SDG

Qdoba Event Center


Hometown Throwdown SDG vs Cinderhellas

The Kill Floor

MAY 6th-7th

The Brandies Prime Cuts, Castle Rock, West Texas, Peninsula Roller Girls (Sanctioned)

The Kill Floor

JUNE 9th-11th

Hosting Mayhem

The Ranch Loveland, CO

JUNE 24th

Hometown Throwdown SDG vs Psycho Sirens

The Kill Floor

AUG 26th

Prime Cuts vs Naughty Pines (Sanctioned)

The Kill Floor

SEPT 23rd

Bone Saw Bruisers vs Powder River Rousta Bout It Betties

The Kill Floor

OCT 7th

SDG vs FOCO Hometeam Throwdown

The Kill Floor

NOV 4th

Prime Cuts vs 10th Mountain Roller Dolls (Sanctioned)

The Kill Floor

DEC 2nd

Snow Brawl

The Kill Floor

Next bout: Nov. 4th

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