JAN 27th

Superheros vs. Villains Mixer

The Kill Floor

FEB 24th

Slaughterhouse vs Project Mayhem

SDG 248 PM 116

MAR 10th

Slaughterhouse vs The Standbys

The Kill Floor

MAR 17th

Slaughterhouse vs. FOCO


APRIL 21st

Slaughterhouse vs Bomber Mountain Derby Devils

SDG 242 BM 126

MAY 5th

Slaughterhouse vs Durango (Sanctioned)

SDG 214 DRG 198

MAY 19th

Slaughterhouse vs. Cheyenne


JUNE 23rd - 24th

Brandies (West Texas, Peninsula, Los Alamos, Slaughterhouse) (Sanctioned)

The Kill Floor

AUG. 25th

Ms. PacMan vs Ghosts Mixer

The Kill Floor

SEPT 8th

Butcher Babes Fall Brawl

The Kill Floor

SEPT 22nd

Slaughterhouse vs. FRRD


OCT. 13th

Butcher Babes vs. Mile High Hitters (Sanctioned) Slaughterhouse vs. Naughty Pines (Sanctioned)

The Kill Floor

NOV. 3rd

Butcher Babes vs. Los Alamos' Cherry Bombs

The Kill Floor

NOV 10th

Slaughterhouse vs. El Paso (Sanctioned)



Snow Brawl

The Kill Floor

Next bout: DEC 8TH

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